Creating a Digital Hub for a World-Scale Event Participants

Staying connected with the post-event audiences via a digital platform.

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is conducted every 2 years for world water leaders, scholars, inventors, as well as water conservation organisations. It's a special event for them to brainstorm, converge and establish networking opportunities.


The clients have come to Xtremax, not only to visually improve the past website, but also to seek opportunities to upgrade the website with below targets in mind:


  • To create a visual appealing, performance-driven and user-friendly website.

  • To provide key information to the users with minimal efforts spent.

  • To be able to update the website easier via a content management system and create functionality in the website allowing users to better filter content in a quicker and easier way.

  • To create a better user experience via better researched UI/UX methodologies.

  • To be able to stay connected with the users even after they leave the website.


Developing a customised user experience strategy by deepening the audience profile

Adopting a user-centric approach during the ideation for the website.

While researching on the topic and target audience of the website, we have identified one of the key issues was to re-organise the vast content. With our User Experience partners, League of Uxtraordinary People, we worked out a customised user experience strategy and content hierarchy for the SIWW website where our design and development will be based on.


For users visiting the SIWW website, we have found that there are specific objectives they want to accomplish, namely to learn more about the event and register as visitor, participant or event partner. Hence, we decided to adopt a user-centric approach during the ideation for the website.


Staying Connected

In order to stay connect with the users even after they leave the website, it is crucial to invite them to sign up for our electronic newsletter. This is one way for users to stay updated about the event effortlessly, no matter which stage they are at in the two-year cycle, as we'd send the e-newsletter directly to his/her personal email. This is why the sign-up link is displayed in the prominent first section on the homepage in order to capture visitor’s contact data.


Increasing information Clarity

We rearranged the Information Architecture (IA) throughout the website. The homepage banners, along with the rest of the homepage, offer users key information about the event and interesting facts in order to keep users engaged to SIWW and its website. Signature events are also featured on the homepage to help users zero in on the information that fit their needs/wants.


Personalised experience resulting in better engagement and user retention

A better streamlined website with a large amount of display

Information are now much more streamlined compared to the previous site, with a even larger amount of information available.

With new features such as User Profiling and My Favourites introduced, they create a personalised experience by offering users relevant and useful functions - these facilitate the process of planning users’ experiences at SIWW.


Since the launch of the website as a digital hub, it has proven to be a huge success; with a 255% increase in site traffic and a whopping 210% lesser in bounce rate, more than 24,000 visitors turned up to the event. The streamlined and professional looking design have given the organisation a brand new look, bringing it to an international platform with better user experience. It has proven to help in terms of both engagement and retention with old and new users of SIWW.