10 Magical Years with Singapore Night Festival

A different theme each year with functions needed to facilitate the journey throughout the event

Singapore Night Festival is an annually held arts and culture event that lasts through 2 weekends, with theme performances and exhibitions that lasts throughout the night. Xtremax is tasked every year since 2015 to design the website with a different theme each year with functions needed to facilitate the journey throughout the event.


For year 2017 we have been tasked to design based to the theme “10 Magical Years”, with the aim to not only attracting the past years visitors, but also to engage with new audience and encourage them to make the most of the journey throughout Bras Basah Bugis.


The website needed to be designed primarily for mobile users as they needed to plan their trip through maps and a bookmark system for a more personalized event experience with an easier navigation system each year.


MyFav System and Map Customizations

Event Bookmarking and a Customized Map System introduced for event goers to better navigation via mobile

In order to make the user experience more engaging, we have devised as user login system by logging through facebook, in which users can use to bookmark their favorite events via MyFav Bookmarking System and also share their events with a customized image for their MyFavs on facebook to not only share their plans with SNF, but also help to promote the event further to a broader audience.  


The website also consists of a custom map system, which is Festival Map, to guide the users around the event and also a social media outreach in which users can tag their photos on their instagram and have it automatically populate the web page for all to see. Encouraging engagement and excitement with the web page visitors. 


Increase of Unique Users with Better Usability

520% increase in page views just this year – well ahead of target!

The Application Successfully Navigate The Visitor

The success of event owes to a crucial factor during the event where about 210K users were online at the same time without any downtime; with 80% of of the users on the mobile and tablet platforms while using the website applications (MyFav and Festival Map) to navigate throughout the event with ease.


Global Event throughout Platform

Our efforts has helped Singapore Night Festival advertise itself as not only just a locally held event, but have brought awareness of it on a global platform via the quality of the website and its applications. In total we have achieved more than 520% increase in page views just year 2017 – well ahead of target!


The website has delivered of 137K new unique visitors in the first month of launch and resulted in substantially increased search visibility of the event.


The project also proudly earned us 3 Web Design Awards throughout the years from 2015 - 2017:


  • 2017 W³ Awards Silver,

  • 2016 W³ Awards Silver,

  • 2015 IMA Outstanding Achievement.