Engaging Our Diverse Singapore Communities

Creating an improved website experience consistent with NHB values

The National Heritage Board’s (NHB) mission is to preserve and celebrate the shared heritage of Singapore’s diverse communities for education, nation-building and cultural understanding. However, the original website lacked a clear user experience path for visitors to find the information they need. As a result, many of NHB’s programmes and initiatives were buried under information overload, remaining hidden from interested parties.   

Visually, the website design was plain and utilitarian, failing to convey the heritage and charm of NHB’s brand. We resolved not only to craft an attractive design for the website, but also one which reflects the NHB’s values on safeguarding heritage and tradition.

For this project, our challenge was twofold. Upgrade the overall look and feel of NHB’s website to reflect its brand identity and develop an improved content flow that is straightforward enough for users to navigate through. Besides this consideration, we also had to ensure an enhanced mobile experience to meet the demands of today’s web surfing Singaporean.


Rethinking Content Flow and Aesthetics

Reorganising content architecture to streamline user navigation

After a thorough review of the available content, we consolidated the information into three groups. This greatly reduced clutter and increased the speed at which users would be able to navigate the site and find what they are looking for. We also chose to adopt an open space concept to present information, which significantly improves readability.
In our overhaul of the website’s aesthetic look and feel, we went with an elegant approach to better reflect NHB’s historical heritage vibe and help it stand out amongst other government agencies. Opting for clean lines combined with subtle flairs, we created a contemporary yet traditional visual style that conveys NHB’s position as the custodian of Singapore’s heritage in a modern world.


A Marriage of Heritage Charm with Modern Website Functionality

Integrating a smooth user experience with an aesthetically pleasing design

For our revamp of NHB’s site, we received two awards in recognition of our work in website design and development. They are:

  • Outstanding Achievement, Interactive Media Awards 2018

  • Silver, W³ Awards 2018

Perhaps more meaningful than receiving awards is the positive feedback, happiness and satisfaction of our client, NHB, on a job well done. The improved navigation and open concept make it easier than ever for users to experience, support or join NHB initiatives. The website has transformed into a reliable platform that assists the NHB in engaging the community and fulfilling their potential on the ground.

We are happy to help play a part in supporting NHB to continue telling the Singapore story, sharing the Singapore experience and imparting our Singapore spirit to a new generation.