Create a digital touchpoint that encourages organisations to pledge

Modern, fun and humanistic approach to design layout with an easy to use navigation.

Our challenge is to unify Singapore's digitalisation efforts by establishing a digital participation pledge website for businesses to commit to giving digital literacy training to employees or customers or participating in official digital inclusion projects.


The long-term objective is to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital age and significantly help Singaporeans (especially the vulnerable one) acquire relevant skills and adopt digital technology.


To develop a Digital Participation Pledge microsite as part of the nation-wide initiative to unify Singapore’s digitalisation efforts. The development of the site includes User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design while adopting the humanistic concept.


Task-oriented and simplify access to content

Streamline and simplify content with a click to know more basis to reduce redundancy and to be more easily digestible

Content and Information architecture is designed to be presented in a simple, natural logical order to guide the audience to quickly understand and complete the without any fuss or difficulty in understanding the information. Content is clearly displayed in design with good use of white space and clear call-to-action to minimize distractions.


With that, we hope to give the user experience of it being an easy to understand and welcoming vibe to the website in order to entice users to stay to the cause and to want to know more.


The website is planned to have 5 main pages: The Home page, Resource Page, Signatories Page, Contact Us Page and A Form Page to pledge to the cause.


The Home page consists of five segments – the Call-to-Action, What, Why, How and Who to Having the Hero Banner with a strong call-to-action focus, explanation on What is Digital Participation Pledge, the Why to the importance of being a digitally ready nation, How one can participate and Who already did.


The Resource Page allows the public users to find related Grants, Training, Guidelines, Infographic and Educational Materials based on the respective sectors they are in.


The Signatories Page displays the pledges made by public sectors and organisations from private and people sectors, as proof and to highlight the organisation's effort to be digitally ready.


The Contact Us page displays the contact information of the Digital Participation Pledge for the audience to email enquires and feedback to know more about the cause.


And last but not least, the Digital Participation Pledge’s Pledge Now Form page to facilitate organisations and companies to participate in the Digital Readiness movement by submitting a pledge to make an oath to themselves to following the basic principles of the digital participation pledge and declare as a digitally ready and forward organisation to tap into opportunities to use technology to achieve a better quality of life.


Website of Digital Participation Pledge brings success in inviting a lot of participants

Guiding the audience through the website from being unaware to understand, in order to be convinced to pledge to the cause

Since the launch of DPP in October 2019, close to 900 organisations from the private, people and public sectors have pledged to help equip everyone with digital technology skills.


This is an exciting achievement comparing to our goal of having the collective strength of 3,000 organizations by 2021 committed to building an inclusive digital society.


This movement ensures that no one is left behind in this digital transformation era.