Reorganisation and systematizing user processes

Cluttered and messy layout with duplicated information and complicated approval systems.

In late-2015, our face-lift of the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) website was launched. As a platform to the whens and wheres of in-demand skills training and professional upgrading programs, the website needed to be vibrant to attract potential users as well as simple enough for the end user to navigate through the website.


The previous website was messy and highly cluttered. Hence, there is a need to device a design to properly section out the content and make use of white space to give it a more elegant layout. There is need also to automate the process of facility booking. We have to overcome this challenges. 


Redesigning for a better user experience

Facilitate mobile-intensive user via mobile-responsive design.

Multiple widget implementation to enhance user experience via mobile responsive with better user interaction + easier facility booking services and widgets such as the facility booking calculator.


We developed the widgets in mind to systematize the website aiding not only in navigation, but also to accomplish various tasks via automation to break down and restructured the systems to streamline the process. So the user will feel easier in using the website for their purposes.


In order to attract users to revisit the website, we develop a simple mailing list subscription feature for marketing purposes.


A website that rebrands with a smoother user navigation

270% increase in the number of website visitors post-launch.

For our providence of vocational training to the LLI team, we were awarded “Best in Class” by Interactive Media Awards in 2015. An apt award, considering the nature of the LLI website!


Since its launch in late-2015, the LLI website has changed little in appearance and usability—a testament to the quality of our UI design. Its modern look and intuitive sitemap have probably endured this long because of how smooth user navigation of the website is. In fact, there was a 270% increase in the number of website visitors post-launch!