Forging a Modern and Functional User Interface

Empowering users to navigate and find relevant information with ease.

Completed during the period of 2015–16, the current is an all-in-one website containing useful government-related resources.

This revamp was essentially a consolidation of prior versions of some government websites, namely: (old), Emergency 101, Singapore Press Centre, and Singapore Government Directory (SGDI). A translation portal with a searchable database of government terms—previously just a PDF file—was also integrated with the current

On their request, we also crafted some website templates with the branding for the team to create new microsites hosted by the CMS in future.

And as always, we forged a modern and functional user interface to empower users to find useful and relevant information easily.


Simplifying Content Management

Crafting a more simplified structure for the content and future updates.

  • Introduce Scrum (a project management framework) to the team
  • Enforce the self-disciplinary aspects of Scrum to ensure timely product delivery and decision-making
  • Complete and confirm website design before development begins
  • Create three homepage designs based on public feedback collected by the team
  • Present the aforementioned designs to internal stakeholders from various departments in a workshop; then obtain their votes and feedback
  • Craft a simplified information architecture for the website
  • Design key pages and a series of malleable templates for future page-creation


Less Visual Clutter and Sports a Modern Look

No longer a rojak of information; each type of information has been gifted its own neat, full-screen section

For our work, we were awarded “Best in Class“ in the “Government” category by Interactive Media Awards in 2015.

Our utilisation of Scrum in the development process made a good impression on the team.

“As the revamped is the first agile website project for MCI, I really appreciated Xtremax’s positive attitude and professionalism shown in understanding the user’s requirements, and educating [my team] on this new development methodology,” said Ngin Huiling, an IT consultant from the MCI’s Group IT Division.

Additionally, our diligent adherence to the self-disciplinary aspects of Scrum helped the team complete their tasks on time, thus avoiding tardiness.

“Although we encountered some internal issues during the project’s implementation, we still managed to deliver all within the expected and agreed timeframe,” Ms Ngin said.

She added: “I would also like to commend the team’s effectiveness and ability to work under the short timeline and pressure. Again, thank you all for your service and support, and I hope that the same will continue throughout the warranty period.”

On the UI design front, the website in its final iteration contains less visual clutter, and sports a modern look: the exact opposite of its earlier self. The homepage is no longer a rojak of information; each type of information has been gifted its own neat, full-screen section.

Thus, users now have a much easier time pinpointing the information they seek, or spotting important information. We have the numbers to back this claim up: there was a 31% spike in the number of website visitors post-launch!