Low online and offline activity after Chingay event has ended

People don’t come back to the website after Chingay events and parade

Chingay is an annual event held during the first weekend of the Lunar New Year. As the largest street performance and float parade in Asia, it celebrates the dynamism of Singapore’ vibrant and multicultural society.


Unique to Chingay, they also have a community engagement programmed to involve public as volunteers, or provide contribution to the event.


At the beginning, the existing website hardly brought attention to key sections, such as event information, ticketing details etc. In addition, the lack of Content Management System (CMS) made it difficult for Chingay to roll out interactive campaigns and content updates efficiently to engage visitors.


Last challenge is to create online attraction, so the visitors would like to go back to the website even the event has ended.


Differentiating the landing pages before and after the event

Understanding the visitors’ objective then restructuring the content according to the user journey

To keep visitors engaged, we first need to understand the reasons why they visit at different points leading up to Chingay Parade.


Before the event, interested attendees visit the website to obtain the following information:


  1. Where is it held?

  2. When is it held?

  3. How do I attend?


Therefore, we designed the landing page such that visitors immediately know the above information within a quick glance. There is also a “Get Ticket Now” as Call-To-Action (CTA) button in clear view. Some visitors already know they want to get tickets and this button makes their task much easier.


To generate excitement and build up towards the event, we put in a countdown timer and “pull” the visitor by giving context about how long until the parade in terms of days.


After the event has ended, the focus would be for visitors to relive Chingay Parade through high quality images and videos. This also allows Chingay to showcase key highlights to people out of Singapore, as part of increasing the event's brand awareness.


Therefore, the landing page after the event features the best photos and videos from past Chingay parades. For visitors who wish to browse through the key highlights of each year’s parades, there is a CTA button that allows visitors to review the event. The objective of this would be to entice them to attend next year’s parade.


Award-Winning Website

A fresh look and an exciting year with Chingay Parade

After the website have been given a fresh look, Chingay Parade Singapore website was given one of the highest praises as the "Outstanding Achievement” event from Interactive Media Awards.