Giving a New Youthful Identity to Bras Basah Bugis

Introducing to the younger audience through the new website tone and design

There are 4.27 million smartphone users, approximately three quarters of Singapore’s population (as of 2017). This is a very huge market to be targeted through the mobile-responsive website of Bras Basah Bugis (BBB).


The aim was to create a website that is in-line with modern design standards by presenting information in a clean, fuss-free format, and incorporating an elegant and vibrant design to appeal to a younger demographic.


Discussions with the client --as part of our UX research-- also revealed that it was likely Bras Basah Bugis would change its own logo soon, therefore the new design have to be made with a possible logo change in mind.


This revamp also came with the request to integrate information obtained through Facebook and Instagram to highlight mentions of the district and activities take place in it. On top of that, we were asked to create a function that can extract the list of events in the district from other establishments' website.


Going for a Minimalist and Dynamic Look

Simplifying the navigation and working with white spaces for a modern and minimalist layout.

We empowered the strength of Facebook’s API and Local Measure, posts from Bras Basah Bugis’ facebook page and posts with BBB’s relevant hashtags were pulled from their respective domains and presented nicely onto the Bras Basah Bugis website.

Back-end development efforts were put into automating data extraction from other websites’ event information, for example from the National Museum of Singapore and The Peranakan Museum. Using the data extracted, we can then incorporate it in creating special listings for the Exhibition and Programme in Bras Basah Bugis website.

The new design would sport a striking reddish-orange color to accent the mild orange and predominantly white color scheme, lending extra depth to the general aesthetic of the website while presenting it with a minimalist approach.


Sporting a Modern Look with Less Visual Clutter

No longer a clutter of Information with less information redundancy and a more streamline interface

Reduced Redundancy

By automating data extraction of event listings from other National Heritage Board (NHB) websites, such as National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Philatelic Museum, it removes the need to create separate posts on both domains with the same content and allow Bras Basah Bugis to act as an information hub for all NHB establishments.

Posts posted on Facebook and Instagram are also automatically represented on the Gallery page to remove the need to manually add content on the website.

Streamlined Interface

With a streamlined layout, information are presented in a way that is easy on the eye, creating a focus on prioritized information.


We were given one of the highest praises as the "Best website done for National Heritage Museum" from the user, where the interface and style were among the best features highlighted as improvements made to the website.