Technical Support

Apart from designing websites and customising CMSs, Xtremax excels in providing the following technical services that increase business productivity.


System Integration

System integration is the act of physically or functionally combining different application systems and pieces of software into a harmonious whole. In a business context, the “whole” would be some sort of overarching organisational goal, such as “maximise profits, minimise costs” or “streamline business processes while maintaining current profits”.


At Xtremax, we tailor every system integration to the client’s requirements, and while doing so, we continue to bear in mind the client’s overarching organisational goal. This ensures that our system integrations live up to our clients’ expectations (the most common expectation are being an increase in productivity and efficiency of their business processes).


We even take the time and effort to demystify the complexities involved in system integration for our clients when necessary—we do practice the knowledge-sharing to clients after all!