SaaS Solution

The cloud is offering flexibility and efficiency and the possibilities to modernize your applications to meet the challenges of your business are immense.  However, to build an ideal solution for your business out of what the cloud has to offer is a long journey. Even when the solution is created, you need to be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, platforms and software. 


That is where our SaaS solutions come in. Our SaaS Solutions reduced the upfront costs, free you from monitoring the cloud cost and has a consistent subscription pricing model. It also free you from having to constantly enhance the systems to meet the changing cloud environment. 



Our SaaS Solutions


Cloudvanti combines resources into one simple solution for customers wanting to host Sitecore and Sitefinity on Microsoft Azure with Azure's High Availability (HA). Empowered by our infrastructure and services, you will experience smooth workflow management for your website.



Ignoring Defacement is Dangerous 

Have you ever felt your website fall to a case of defacement? It is even worse than content manipulation. The longer an intrusive activity is left unaddressed, the more damage it would cause to your user's experience and their trust. 


This could lead to your brand losing credibility. 

With SentryPage, you can rest assured that your website is always monitored with Speed and Precision.


Nimbus Stream

Are you keeping tabs of how much you are spending on your cloud services? Be in charge of your cloud spend today with Nimbus Stream


We offer you a way to manage and get the best value out of every dollar spent across three major Cloud Service Providers: 

  • AWS 

  • Azure 

  • Google Cloud 

With Nimbus Stream, you get a consolidated view of your cloud spend across the three cloud providers. It also integrates seamlessly with the Cloud Service Providers native cost recommendations to provide an integrated view of Cost Optimization possibilities.



CloudPrimus is a Cloud Management Platform that for large enterprises. 


It provides multi-tenanted management and control of Cloud Resources and secures the provisioning / management of these resources through a workflow. 


Cloud Identity Management 

Provide an organization with a multi-tenancy approach to Cloud Identity Management. 


SaaS Administration 

Provide automation for the management of Software as a Service. 


It is now used by more than 100 government agencies in GovTech’s Government Commercial Cloud (GCC).


Case Studies

cwp logo


Partnering with GovTech, Xtremax leveraged the cloud capabilities to realize clients' needs, wants, and expectations. The Content Website Platform (CWP), powered by Cloudvanti, boasts capabilities that enable it to host more than 500 government websites. CWP also uses SentryPage to provide website defacement monitoring services to all 500 websites.  


CWP Case Study
GCC Logo


GCC is a cloud management project designed, build and operated by Xtremax to mange all the resources hosted on the commercial service providers, in the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With the GCC, the government would be able to significantly transform the way they develop software and applications. 


GCC uses CloudPrimus, a cloud management platform, and Nimbus Stream a billing aggregator. Both products are designed and built by Xtremax and now used by more than 100 government agencies in Singapore. 


GCC Case Study