Managed Services

Xtremax is a leading public cloud service provider, that helps you to get the most out of what the global Cloud Services Providers have to offer. 


We work together with you to develop solutions for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCloud) to support your business challenges, increase efficiency and deliver high performance experiences. 


Our host of managed services cover public and hybrid clouds and across applications, infrastructure, and endpoint devices. 


Our managed services for cloud cover the following: 

  1. Architecture design and set up 
  2. Migration 
  3. Cloud Infrastructure Management 
  4. Network Management 
  5. Archival, Backup and Recovery Management 
  6. Performance and Fault Management 
  7. Cost Monitoring and Optimization 
  8. Cloud Security
  9. 24 X 7 operation support 



Choosing the Right Cloud Services 

There are many cloud service providers, each offering different services. Xtremax provides a comprehensive Multi-Cloud service offering and solutioning to suit each client’s need. With our  partnership, deep understanding and expertise with the world’s top Cloud service providers, we can be involved in the process of your digital transformation from cloud selection, cloud migration, design, to optimization and various other solutioning to achieve your business goals. 


AWS Advance Partner   Microsoft Gold Partner   Google Cloud Partner 

Certified Cloud Experts 

For years, our certified cloud experts at Xtremax have been partners with our respective cloud services provider to put cutting-edge capabilities of each cloud service to provide high performance cloud services for more than 100 businesses and government organizations, working with complex and deep expertise in cloud solutioning, cloud-native environment, containers, application modernization, AI/ML Ops, IoT and workload management to ensure we could achieve cost efficient, high performance services customized to meet business budget and demands. 



Our Clients 

DSTA, A Star, ACRA, State Courts Singapore, Enterprise Singapore