Enterprise Application

An enterprise application is a piece of software built to help companies achieve their business goals in the quickest and most efficient manner. Its existence is a response to today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven business environment (as the result of Moore’s Law and market forces). In which every company with digitised business processes is forced to respond even better and quicker to achieve more positive growth, but in more efficient manner.  


An enterprise application has three main characteristics:

  • Large: A multi-user, multi-developer, multi-server, multi-component application that can manipulate massive data and utilise complex logic in an extensive parallel processing and network distributed resources. It can be deployed across multiple platforms and inter-operate with many other applications, and it is long lived.

  • Business Oriented: Its purpose is to meet specific business requirements. It encodes business policies, processes, rules, and entities to be digitally integrated into the organisation.  

  • Mission Critical: An enterprise application must be robust and secure enough to sustain continuous operation. It must be extremely flexible for scalability and deployment. Also, allowing efficient maintenance, monitoring, and administration. 


At Xtremax, we build enterprise applications that align with the clients characteristics, and ensure that each application is customised according to our client’s needs. Whether it is a smartphone app, e-marketing system, or e-commerce platform, the enterprise application that was built by Xtremax will automate more business processes, serve more users, and process larger amounts of data—all without compromising on agility and flexibility, of course.


Outsource to Xtremax, and outgrow your competitors.