Application Modernisation

Watch Your Organization Take Shape with Xtremax Application Modernisation Services 

Innovation, cost and efficiency – Xtremax Application Modernisation Service promises to empower your digital experience via harnessing the full potential of cloud computing to create value for your business organization.  

Our application modernisation will help transform your existing legacy applications to better meet your business challenges.

Some of the benefits you can expect will be improving the speed of your new feature delivery, explore your existing applications via API so that it can be integrated with other services faster, re-platform your applications from on-premises to cloud so that you can take advantage of what the cloud service providers have to offer: 



Virtualization software to speed up the IT operations. 



Well-designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery. 



Increased the amount of deliverable because multiple users could work simultaneously on the same data.



Service capacity can be changed at any time as the user desires, especially in scaling up or scaling down. 



Allowing user to access their data anywhere using any internet-connected devices. 



From Monolithic to Microservices 

Monolithic applications are difficult to update, and expensive to scale. This makes modernising these monolithic applications very attractive.  

Xtremax helped many of our clients to modernise such applications to a microservices architecture. In a microservice architecture, components are smaller, loosely coupled and can be built, update, deployed and scale individually. That is where the core value of a microservice architecture. In monolithic applications, all components have to be shipped together, making it difficult and costly to add features, on top of all the complexity and integration challenges you need to deal with. 

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